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The fees presented include the documentary preparation of the audit, the previous study of the file, the performance of the audit, the issuance of the report, the analysis of the corrective actions proposed, the issuance of the certificates and the expenses of travel, accommodation and necessary maintenance.

The duration of a visit is generally estimated in a day. In the case of audits outside of Spain, travel expenses are separate.

In the event that the UCA deems it necessary to audit for a longer period of time, depending on the categories and approvals granted, the manufacturer will be informed and a specific budget will be issued.

Guides and Procedures

Initial assessment guide

Approval procedure Initial assessment

Approval procedure Conformity of production

UCA evaluation procedure

UCA certification procedure

Quality Systems Criteria


Initial assessment request

Certificate scope modification request

Certificate data modification request 

Accreditation of manufacturers request

EU Validation Request

Certification of Separate regulatory act request

Technical documents for adaptation

USE OF THE UCA MARK (Manufacturers that have a valid COP/IA certificate)

USE OF THE CSC CERTIFICATION MARK (Only manufacturers that have a valid CSC Certificate)

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