Conformity of production

Evaluation of the definition and implementation of internal procedures and guidelines, defined by the manufacturer, for the control of the conformity of production provisions according to the different regulatory acts available.

UCA carries out conformity of production audits that allow manufacturers to keep the approvals under EU Directives/Regulations and UN Regulations and granted by the Spanish Approval Authority (e9/E9).


After agreeing and performing the audit, a report with the conclusions is issued.

If there are deviations, they must be solved and documentary evidence of this must be sent before the certificate can be issued. This audit analyses the implementation and effectiveness of the procedures proposed by the manufacturer that must meet the requirements of an initial assessment.

The complete description of the procedure can be found in the on-site or documentary, certification procedure, since depending on the vehicle and component, some audits are either on-site or documentary.


If you need a Conformity of production certificate and have not reached us yet, you can write us on or call (+34) 91 684 22 01.


The cost of the conformity of production audits depends on the vehicle or component to be audited, on whether the audit is on-site or documentary and on the days of the audit, if carried out on-site.

The general rates for a working day can be checked in the following table , however, UCA will confirm the fees before setting the audit.

Visits outside Spain will require the extra charge of trip and accommodation expenses for the audit team.

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