Initial assessment

Evaluation of the system implemented in the organization to ensure the manufacture of vehicles, components and/or independent technical units is compliant with the approved type.

Evaluacion Inicial UCA


UCA performs initial assessment audits that enable manufacturers to obtain approvals under EU Directives/Regulations and UN Regulations by the Spanish Approval Authority (e9/E9).

In addition to the requirements defined by said regulatory acts, the manufacturer must have procedures to ensure effective control in those procedures, described in RD 750/2010, and necessary for the proper approval and registration of vehicles


Once the official request is received, it will be evaluated to decide if it has all the necessary information to continue the process in a documentary way (under certain conditions UCA can accept certifications according ISO 9001 or IATF 16949 and assess additional procedures for CoP controls and complementary provisions) or propose an audit date in the organization’s facilities.

After the completion of the onsite audit, a report with the conclusions is issued. If there are deviations, they must be solved and documentary evidence of this must be sent before the certificate can be issued.

Prior to the expiration of said certificate, the manufacturer must have gone through the first on-site audit of conformity of production.

The aspects analysed by the UCA in the initial assessment can be found in the Guide for Initial Assessment. The complete description of the procedure can be found in the certification procedure.


To go through the initial assessment procedure and obtain the certificate, an official request, signed by a person in charge and accompanied by all the necessary documentation (indicated in the application itself) must be sent to the following address:


The cost of the initial assessment depends on the vehicle or component audited and the days of audit, the general rates for a working day can be checked in the following table, however, UCA will confirm the fees before setting the audit.

Visits outside Spain will require the extra charge of trip and accommodation expenses for the audit team.

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